Jason Nelson

Sr. Director of Sales Operations and Logistics

With over 25 years of extensive supply chain experience, Jason brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having previously served as an accomplished Walmart Logistics Manager. During his tenure, he successfully project managed all Walmart features, including displays, packouts, and pallet trains, while developing comprehensive display guidelines.

Recognized for his exceptional abilities, Jason also revamped Walmart’s 3rd party compliance manual, ensuring adherence to industry standards. He played a key role in setting up suppliers with DSDC (direct store delivery consolidation), ASNs, and multi-vendor displays. Additionally, he developed crucial guidelines for ASN and OTIF (On-Time In-Full) compliance, overseeing Walmart’s OTIF dispute team. Jason’s proficiency extended to running Walmart’s SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program), further exemplifying his deep understanding of supply chain management.


Originally from Illinois, Jason and his family have lived in Northwest Arkansas for almost 20 years.